Why are latex gloves more common and widely used in surgery?
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Why are latex gloves more common and widely used in surgery?

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    Medical gloves are an important piece of personal protective equipment in hospitals. They protect healthcare professionals from a variety of infections. They also prevent the transmission of any infection or contamination to patients. Medical gloves are often used in hospitals, for example, to examine patients or perform surgery. Latex gloves, for example, are ideal for use in hospitals because they offer better protection to healthcare professionals.

    What brands of latex gloves are on the market right now? Gusiie disposable latex gloves are comfortable and stretchy, protecting your hands without contaminating your grip. The main advantages are as follows:

    1. Environment-friendly material, comfortable and breathable

    Selected high quality materials, made of natural latex, very soft and comfortable to wear, and waste degradable, safe and pollution-free;

    2. Waterproof, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant

    Good sealing, can prevent solution, let hands away from the harm of chemical substances, daily life can also avoid water and oil;

    3. Flexible and comfortable, skin-friendly and fit

    Sensitive touch, handle items not easy to fall; More suitable for human body super fit version, palm five fingers closely fit, do not worry about restricted activities;

    4. High elasticity and easy stretching

    Thickened latex material, high density, good elasticity, tensile resistance, strong not easy to break, at the same time to provide a variety of different sizes, can be selected according to the palm width.

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