Why are disposable gloves have pungent smell?
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Why are disposable gloves have pungent smell?

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    To understand the smell of gloves surface is also one of the norms to distinguish whether quality is good or bad. What makes gloves smell so pungent?


    1. Different gloves have different materials

    This is because natural latex gloves are made of natural latex, and nitrile rubber gloves are mainly made of styrene butadiene rubber, natural latex taste compared to nitrile will be more heavy.

    So, after you get your gloves, remember to distinguish between natural latex smell and irritating smell.


    2. Additives exceed standards

    Additives are added during the manufacture of gloves to keep them smooth and safe, and some of them, such as sulfur powder, give off pungent odors.

    Normally, gloves are removed to remove odors before shipment, but if the additives are not up to standard or unqualified, the pungent odor is likely to persist.


    3. Improper treatment after chlorine washing processing process

    Chlorine washing process generally occurs after the gloves are formed on the pattern, and leaching solution will be used to clean the gloves when they are out of the mold.

    However, if the production process is not properly handled, there will be residual chlorine molecular structure, and with the improvement of time, the chlorine molecular structure is likely to slowly release a pungent smell.


    4. storage of natural environment by environmental pollution

    Store the gloves in a cool, dry environment to protect them from moisture and sun exposure.

    If the storage is not timely, it is very easy to be infected with the surrounding bacteria and odor, caused by the surrounding environment and caused by the odor, at this time the gloves are not proposed to be used.

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