Which gloves can withstand high temperatures?
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Which gloves can withstand high temperatures?

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    1, Novoloid -- a new high-tech synthetic fiber, non-melting, flame resistance, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 1100℃, soft and comfortable, and can resist the erosion of many chemical substances, even after repeated washing will not affect its high temperature resistance.


    2, Kevlar - is widely used aromatic synthetic fiber, not only can resist cutting, but also can resist high temperature damage.


    3, aluminized material - can resist the radiant heat of higher temperature.


    4, skin - if kept dry, has good low temperature resistance, at the same time, it is not melting, not burning characteristics make it is often used to make welding gloves.


    5, cotton - is also a natural material, can be properly protected from high and low temperature. However, due to meet the requirements of protection, the gloves are made thicker and the flexibility is not good enough.


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