What's the difference between powdered and powder free disposable gloves?
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What's the difference between powdered and powder free disposable gloves?

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    Disposable gloves are not only used in the medical industry at present, but also more and more widely used in industrial production and food industry.

Disposable gloves are classified into powdered gloves and powder free gloves.

    Pink gloves were developed to make it easier to put on and take off gloves. The powder inside started out as lycopodium and talc or a mixture of both. But both powders can cause post-operative infections.

    By 1947, talc and pine bun powder were replaced with food-grade powder. The powder is mainly cornstarch, which can be absorbed by the body.

    Starting in 2016, the FDA has added both synthetic gloves with powder and natural latex gloves to the "black list." "Pink gloves" emphasize that both corn starch and talc are prohibited. The ban applies only to pink gloves used in surgery, surgery and examining patients, excluding those available in the United States that are not radiation-resistant.

    The main reason for giving up the use of disposable gloves with powder is to avoid medical risks brought by powder gloves for some diseases. For example, when the skin of the hand of the wearer with powder gloves itself has unhealed wounds, it is easy to cause skin infections, and at the same time, it provides opportunities for the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, which increases the occupational risks of medical staff and patients. Pink gloves are also a risk factor for postoperative wound infection.

In some industrial production and food industries, powdered disposable gloves are also not suitable.

    For example, in the electronics industry or related industries such as chip manufacturing, powder falling from powdered gloves can cause major problems.

The same powdered gloves do not apply in the food industry. Although cornstarch and other powders will make gloves easier to put on and take off, the purification level required by food factories is higher than that of industrial grade. Industrial grade will also be divided into general purification and advanced purification. Food grade needs to use powder and dust-free disposable gloves.

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