What's so special about nitrile gloves?
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What's so special about nitrile gloves?

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    For ordinary people, disposable gloves are likely to be no difference to them. The material, thickness, color and so on are not the same. There is no harm. In practice, however, disposable gloves do not provide safety protection, and they have to take into account different regulations. Just like why rubber gloves are necessary in many places.

    In different working environments, there are some differences in the material, thickness and other requirements of disposable gloves. For example, in the technical production of meat products, often used is nitrile rubber gloves, is able to direct contact with the food industry nitrile rubber gloves. And in many specifications, because different gloves for different dangerous goods are not the same, such as nitrile rubber hand-held walkie-talkies for benzaldehyde, hydroxytert-butyl ether and other medicinal materials safety protection effect will be less, it is not suitable for use. So these are all disposable glove preconditions or are differentiated.



    For everyone, safety factor is very important things, in some are likely to have hidden trouble of safety work using color gloves are likely to have certain warning effect, and several gloves because itself has more color choices, so choose use, very suitable for this kind of industry or choose according to oneself be fond of.


    Nitrile gloves are very flexible and compliant, and with the use of the hyposensitivity specialty, for people who are allergic to latex, hyposensitivity nitrile gloves are the logical choice.

With the continuous expansion of the application of people, a variety of types of safety protective gloves will be more and more detailed, for the quality of machinery and equipment will be higher, and nitrile rubber gloves because of excellent characteristics and gradually improve and develop professional, will become more and more people use.

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