What kind of disposable gloves good protective effect?
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What kind of disposable gloves good protective effect?

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    The protective effect of disposable gloves is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    1. The most basic function of disposable gloves is clean, hygienic and hand protection.

    Application scenario: The most common household cleaning, household sanitation, suitable for the surface of objects, general environment cleaning. Gloves are usually required to be waterproof and prevent direct physical damage to the hands (e.g. avoid cuts, burns, and reduce dry and chapped skin).

    2, food grade clean health, anti-grease. Pay special attention to some materials of gloves can not prevent grease, prone to the awkward situation of oil leakage (natural latex gloves, some pvc gloves)

    Usage scenario: ① eat barbecue, crayfish and other food contact; ② Food cooking; (3) Food processing industry (preferred blue gloves, because blue is food safety color, if there are glove fragments inadvertently mixed with food, blue is easier to identify).

    3, industrial use, protect the hand at the same time, reduce the damage to machinery.

    Application scenario: (1) ESD gloves are required in the typical electronic manufacturing industry to prevent damage to electrostatic sensitive devices.

② There are some petrochemical industries, more flammable and explosive, but also pay attention to wearing anti-static gloves.

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