What kind of disposable gloves good protective effect?(2)
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What kind of disposable gloves good protective effect?(2)

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    The protective effect of disposable gloves is mainly reflected in the following aspects(2):

    4. isolation of a variety of chemical substances, prevent penetration erosion.

Application scenarios: ① Chemical experiment and detection; ② Some industries that are exposed to chemical substances, such as nail art, auto repair, decoration, etc.

    5. Isolate bacteria to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Application scenario: ① Epidemic protection (disposable inspection gloves are enough); (2) Cleaning protection, health inspection in medical environment, including dental clinics, medical beauty industry, etc. (usually use disposable medical examination gloves); (3) Biological experiments, anatomy courses (according to the protection requirements of choice); (4) Medical surgery (choose sterilized, disposable, independently packaged medical surgical gloves).

When you are in direct contact with human body or other biological mucosa or body fluids, you need to wear disposable medical gloves with higher barrier.

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