What is the meaning of pure nitrile gloves?
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What is the meaning of pure nitrile gloves?

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    Food special gloves: food special nitrile rubber gloves made from thin technical specialty, "little rough" provide excellent dexterity and antiskid material resources. It has no natural latex protein, is less prone to skin allergies, and is anti-static, anti-aging, and acid and alkali resistant, making it tougher and more durable than natural latex or vinyl gloves.


    Strong corrosion resistance and puncture resistance; Nitrile rubber raw material has strong patience, easy to wear, strong grip, not much ductility (the gloves will blend into the appearance of our arms to prevent arm fatigue), and strong softness (comfortable to wear, relatively close to the hand).


    Nitrile gloves, which are made of a 100% flexible polymer and, unsurprisingly, have no protein, are less allergenic than natural latex gloves. With a more prominent anti-bacteria, virus protection function.


    No allergy to the body skin, no toxicity, no harm, no smell. Preferred secret recipe, excellent processing technology, soft touch, comfortable ground skid resistance, easy to operate. Applicable to diagnosis and treatment examination, stomatology, rescue, medical, industrial production of electronic devices manufacturing, skin care products, food and other production and manufacturing level. Powder free gloves choose unique powder free processing technology, more comprehensive safety protection. Good safety protection and process performance, better than natural latex gloves.


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    Features of nitrile gloves:

    1. High clean area work application, used in semiconductor materials, instruments, integrated circuit chips, liquid crystal display and other electronic devices and biomedicine, diagnosis and treatment, optical equipment, food and other fields.

    2. Application: Class 100,000 clean room.

    3. Left and right hand versatility.

    4. Good tensile resistance, firm and durable.

    5. Powder and powder free gloves are available.

    6. Color: white, blue, pink, purple, green, black, etc

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