What is the difference between medical nitrile gloves and civilian nitrile gloves?
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What is the difference between medical nitrile gloves and civilian nitrile gloves?

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Distinction one: use is different

1. Medical gloves are not limited to use in hospitals, as long as the sensitivity of the hand is high, medical gloves can be used.

2. Disposable medical examination gloves can be used for "non-medical purposes", but civilian gloves "usually cannot be used for medical purposes".

3, some special uses need to purchase "special protective gloves", such as industrial anti-slip thickened disposable gloves.文章主图横屏尺寸

Distinction two: "quality" measure standard is different

1. (medical) The measurement standard of disposable medical examination gloves is "the thinner the better in principle", and medical gloves focus on flexibility, sensitivity and barrier.

Because of the same strength of materials (usually nitrile, waterborne polyurethane, natural latex), the thinner the gloves, means more flexibility and sensitivity, and higher technical requirements.

2. (non-medical) disposable protective gloves: divided into two standards

① The appearance and disposable medical gloves are almost the same, can be widely used in food processing, electronic manufacturing, household cleaning and other purposes.

---- Do not have specific measure standard, see your specific use and demand, want nimble nimble choose thin paragraph.

② For industrial and chemical-related uses, gloves are required to be "thicker, the better", and wear resistance and durability of gloves are valued.

Distinction 3: the execution of different testing standards

1. (medical) Disposable medical examination gloves

    For example, GB 10213-2006 disposable medical rubber examination gloves (Chinese national standard),

    If gloves export sales, they have to pass other national testing standards, such as EN 455 (European standard), ASTM D6319 (American standard, Standard Specification for Medical Nitrile Examination Gloves)...

2. (non-medical) disposable protective gloves:

    GB 10213-1995 Disposable rubber inspection gloves (Chinese national standard)

    EN 374 (European standard, which measures some performance requirements of protective gloves, applies to both medical and civil disposable gloves).


    There are a few basic standards listed above, but many more are not listed.

    Anyhow, medical gloves to perform more stricter standards, testing projects. Two types of gloves also have differences in specific properties, such as gram weight/thickness, stretching rate.

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