What is the difference between medical gloves and food gloves?
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What is the difference between medical gloves and food gloves?

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    What is the difference between medical gloves and ordinary food gloves? If I only have medical gloves, can I use medical gloves to touch food? Is there any risk?

    Gloves are divided into a lot of kinds, in simple terms can be divided into medical gloves and non medical gloves, including the medical gloves can also be divided into ordinary disposable gloves and gloves, latex gloves needless to say, the formal medical gloves are need strict certification, but the market is good and evil people mixed up the medical gloves, compare the trouble is that it is difficult to distinguish which kind of gloves can grab food.

    Actually distinguish whether the medical gloves edible gloves have a kind of simple method, because the material of making disposable gloves on the market at present is mainly polyethylene plastics, and plastic can be divided into new raw material and then two kinds, including new material no smell, good quality, high transparency, lubrication is ringing, relatively dark reworked material will exist, transparency is not good, and so on and so forth, You can tell the difference simply by looking at the exterior.


    People who have bought medical gloves will find that medical gloves are mainly divided into powder and powder free. The medical gloves with powder are mainly talcum powder. Although the purpose of talcum powder is to wear conveniently and is not toxic, it can not be eaten or used as edible gloves.

    If they are powder free medical gloves, they can be used as food gloves.

    In fact, when doctors examine patients, wearing gloves may contact the patient's mouth and skin surface, from this point we can also judge that medical gloves can contact human mucous membranes, of course, as food gloves are not harmful.

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