What is the difference between TPE gloves and PVC gloves?
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What is the difference between TPE gloves and PVC gloves?

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    Many people like to make their own baby food, and disposable gloves often come in handy when doing so. There are various materials of disposable gloves on the market, among which TPE and PVC are relatively common. So what's the difference between TPE gloves and PVC gloves? The following gusiie Xiaobian for this problem to give you a detailed introduction.

1. Differences in raw materials

    PVC gloves are made from PVC paste epoxy resin, viscosifier, thickener, reducing adhesive, PU and softening water treatment through a unique processing process.

    TPE gloves are made of SEBS, polyurethane elastomer and polyethylene resin.

    2. Characteristic differences

    PVC gloves have no allergens; Low consumption of smoke and dust, low composition of positive ions; Strong acid resistance and pH resistance to work; Strong compressive strength, puncture resistance, not easy to destroy; With excellent flexibility and feel, convenient and comfortable clothing; It has anti-static property.

    TPE gloves have high clarity; The opening of gloves is relatively loose, convenient and comfortable to wear; Surface convex concave uneven, gorgeous color, thin and thick symmetry; Light weight, feel good, cheap, no toxicity no harm, is a universal economic development and maintenance commodities.

    3. Differences in application

    PVC gloves are key for household cleaning, electronic devices, chemical plants, aquaculture, laminated glass, food processing plants and other safety protection, hospitals, scientific research and other fields; Widely used in semiconductor materials, high precision electronic components and instrument equipment installation and sticky metal ware practical operation, new technology product installation and adjustment, optical disc drive, composite material, LCD panel, circuit board production line, electronic optical commodities, laboratory, hospital, beauty shop and other industries.

    TPE gloves because of its excellent tensile strength and ductility, strong thickness, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to damage, feel good and other characteristics, suitable for food industry, household cleaning, beauty, spraying, small pet daily care, basic chemical safety protection.

    Above about the difference between TPE gloves and PVC gloves where to share here, in general, TPE material compared with PVC, more resistant to high temperature and low temperature, have better elasticity, in recent years, the call for environmental protection is more and more high, so in more areas of energy saving and environmental protection of thermoplastic elastomer TPE began to replace PVC.

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