What is the classification of medical gloves?
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What is the classification of medical gloves?

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    Medical gloves, according to the material of gloves: latex gloves, nitrile gloves, tpe gloves and (polyvinyl chloride) PVC gloves.

    Nitrile gloves: They are an ideal alternative to latex gloves, which are perfect for hand skin and provide superior comfort. Suitable for non-sterile operations with high risk of contact with blood or body fluids; Operations involve the handling of sharp objects, cytotoxic substances and disinfectants.

    According to the nature of the work can be divided into: sterile gloves and non-sterile gloves, non-sterile gloves are divided into cleaning gloves and housekeeping gloves.

    Surgical disinfection gloves: sterile single-use. It is mainly used in procedures requiring a high degree of sterility, such as surgery, childbirth, central catheterization, and preparation of parenteral nutrition.

    Clean examination gloves: Clean, sterile, disposable. For direct or indirect contact with the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, faeces and materials seriously contaminated by body fluids.

    Housekeeping gloves: Clean and reusable. It is intended for use in direct contact with the human body, and housekeeping gloves can be used to clean environmental surfaces.

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