What is the best material for protective gloves?(2)
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What is the best material for protective gloves?(2)

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    ●Goat skin

    Single skin: Its normal thickness does not allow two layers of skin to be drawn, and it has the advantage of being lighter than cowhide. Because it uses the original thickness, it is suitable for making gloves with good mechanical resistance. Because the fibers are not cut, its wear resistance and puncture resistance are enhanced. If it is made, it will have better contact effect. Features: Soft, dexterous, good wear resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance. Its wear resistance depends on the thickness of the leather, usually used is 1.1-1.3MM(better mechanical properties) or 0.6-1.0MM(better flexibility and dexterity).

    Pig skin

    Pig's head and skin: mostly found in Asian countries, it is used in simple isolation gloves due to its poor mechanical resistance and dexterity when blended. Features: Low price.

    Lamb skin

    Single-layer leather: Due to its poor resistance to wear and tear, it is usually only used to make ordinary gloves. The thickness of lamb skin is directly proportional to its dexterity, the thinner it is, the more dexterity and comfort it is. Characteristics: Soft, dexterous.

    ●Waterproof skin

    Treatment with mineral oil or fluorinated resin to prevent the entry of water can improve the mechanical properties of the leather to make it more wear resistant and increase the comfort (softness) and extended dexterity (touch) of the glove, as well as extend the service life of the glove.

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