What is the best material for household cleaning gloves?
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What is the best material for household cleaning gloves?

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    There are three main materials of household cleaning gloves on the market, which are PVC, latex and nitrile.

    From the point of view of health to arrange the order, nitrile > latex >PVC.

    PVC is also polyvinyl chloride, which is the plastic material we see in our daily life. It is not easy to degrade and will cause serious pollution to the environment. Moreover, when we use it improperly, it will endanger our health, such as precipitation of metal elements such as cadmium and lead, which will affect the function of nerves and kidneys. During the abolition phase, dioxin substances will also be produced, causing pollution to the environment and causing cancer to humans.

If you already have PVC gloves in your home, be sure to avoid direct contact with hot meat!

    Latex is made of natural rubber, non-toxic and harmless, easy to degrade, friendly to the environment, good tightness, is a very common glove material, but it has the risk of sensitization, latex protein allergy will have serious allergic phenomenon, like myself after wearing latex gloves for a long time, hand itching, red rash, is also allergic reaction. And it is not very durable. It has two fatal weaknesses: oil resistance and heat resistance, rapid aging, it is easy to become soft and sticky or hard and brittle, and lose the basic function.

    Nitrile, from the synthetic material nitrile rubber (NBR) after processing and production, through different molecular combination of derived substances, advantages are not like latex allergy, degradable environmentally friendly, and puncture resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance, whether dealing with acid, alkaline, oil-based substances are not afraid! Non-toxic and harmless, high temperature is not afraid to produce any harmful substances, can directly contact with food, use rest assured.

So to sum up: from a comprehensive point of view, nitrile gloves are the most advantageous in household cleaning effect. You can also choose latex gloves and try to avoid PVC gloves.

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