What gloves should the electronics industry choose?
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What gloves should the electronics industry choose?

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    In the electronics industry, the wrong choice of gloves can damage delicate electronic components and cause irreparable errors. So what's the choice? I'm going to show you today.

    Requirements for gloves for the electronics industry


    Because of the different nature of work in each industry, the requirements for health and safety are very different from one industry to another. Gloves are essential for safety protection in every industry. It is not only for the protection of staff hand safety, but also for the protection of product quality. The electronic industry is a special existence in the industrial industry. It has special requirements for the hand protection of workers, and these requirements are not dispensable, they are essential and very strict. Mainly reflected in the following two points.


    1anti-static requirements

    In the electronic industry, the most important thing is not to have static electricity. Therefore, the most special requirement for gloves is to have anti-static function.


    2clean requirements

    There are many kinds of production processes in the electronic industry, including integrated circuit production, flat panel display production, silicon material production, optical fiber production, card production, surface mount, separation device production, whole machine assembly production, automatic control components production and so on. Most of these production processes need to be completed in clean rooms, which require extremely high cleanliness.


    Clean workshop to "the number of dust particles per cubic meter of air diameter is greater than or equal to 0.5um" as the standard to measure its cleanliness. For example, "Class 10 dust-free workshop" means "the number of dust particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.5um per cubic meter of air is less than 352". In the electronic industry, according to different products and different process levels, the required clean room level is different, generally in level 10, level 100, level 1000. Therefore, the cleanliness level of gloves used in the general electronic industry needs to meet the standard of medical cleanliness.

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