What effect does the bright color of nitrile gloves have?
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What effect does the bright color of nitrile gloves have?

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    Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the catering industry presents new development characteristics. In the fast-paced era, office workers all pursue convenience, speed and efficiency. Prefabricated food is a kind of simple, convenient and fast food, pre-processed (such as cutting, stirring, curing, rolling, shaping, seasoning, etc.) and/or pre-cooked (such as frying, frying, baking, boiling, steaming, etc.) made, and pre-packaged finished or semi-finished dishes, of course, become delicious dishes when the health and safety can not be ignored!

    Special attention should be paid to hygiene in the processing process of prepared dishes. The processing environment of prepared dishes should be sterilized and sterilized. Protection of hands should be done when manual contact with prepared ingredients or processed foods. Avoid cross-infecting food, which can lead to spoilage of food and affect taste and eating health.

    Prepared vegetable working gloves

    In addition, food processing is a high frequency of assembly line work, if the staff accidentally mixed broken gloves into the food, if they wear light gloves, it is difficult to find the remains of gloves in a short time. Food grade nitrile gloves are usually disposable blue nitrile gloves. The reason is that the color is highly recognizable, which makes it easy for the prepared vegetable processing personnel to supervise the operation process, and greatly improves the safety of food production.

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