What does biodegradable disposable gloves mean?
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What does biodegradable disposable gloves mean?

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    With the issuance and implementation of the national plastic restrictions, many people will use degradable disposable gloves when eating.

    However, many people do not master the degradable disposable gloves, and there are also many doubts.

    Today, let's talk about biodegradable disposable gloves.

    The key raw material of degradable disposable gloves: polylactic acid (PLA).

    It must not be easy to remember that the source of polylactic acid is actually one of our breakfast: corn.

    The processing plant takes the tapioca starch from the corn and then goes through a series of processes to get the polylactic acid. In manufacturing plants, they are then processed into a variety of biodegradable goods, including biodegradable disposable gloves.

    Biodegradable disposable gloves are collected after everyday use and eventually sent to a waste disposal site. PE, PVC and other general plastic products of the correct way of treatment, is still incineration treatment, will produce a lot of greenhouse and harmful gases into the air.

    However, fully biodegradable gloves will gradually be converted into carbon dioxide, water and other chemicals in the soil environment, which will directly enter the soil fertility or be digested by green plants and become nutrients for crops, without environmental pollution.

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