What do you mean by pure nitrile gloves? Nitrile glove composition content?
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What do you mean by pure nitrile gloves? Nitrile glove composition content?

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    Food special gloves: Food special nitrile rubber gloves are specially made with thin technology. The "rough surface" provides excellent dexterity and good anti-slip grip on the ground in wet areas. No natural latex protein, not easy to produce skin allergic reaction, together with anti-static, anti-aging and acid and alkali resistance function, more robust and durable than natural latex and Vinyl gloves.

    Strong corrosion resistance and puncture resistance; NBR raw material has strong endurance, convenient to wear, strong grip, not large ductility (when wearing, the glove will be integrated into the appearance of our arm, to prevent arm fatigue), and strong softness (wearing comfortable, more close to the hand).


    Nitrile butadiene gloves, which are made of 100% flexible polymer, are decidedly protein-free and not as easily allergenic as natural latex mattress gloves. With more prominent anti - bacteria, virus protection function.

    No allergic symptoms to the body skin, no toxicity, no harm, no smell. Optimized secret recipe, excellent processing technology, soft touch, comfortable ground non-slip, easy to operate. Applicable to diagnosis and treatment, stomatology, rescue, medical care, industrial production of electronic devices, skin care products, food and other production and manufacturing level. Powder free gloves select unique powder free processing technology, more comprehensive safety protection. It is better than natural latex gloves with good safety protection and technological performance.

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