What details should we pay attention to when using food grade nitrile gloves?
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What details should we pay attention to when using food grade nitrile gloves?

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    With the concern of food hygiene and safety, disposable food grade nitrile gloves have become a habitual trend in the food industry.

    Food grade nitrile gloves should pay attention to the following details:

    1. Do not hold or touch cooked food and cooked food LIDS with hands wearing food grade nitrile gloves. The outer layer of the packaged cooked food has been contaminated; The outer skin of the cooked food has been contaminated.

    2. Do not use food-grade nitrile gloves that are making or packaging food to scratch, wipe away sweat, tidy clothes, or touch or grasp anything other than food.

    If you touch a part of your body or anything else, change the food grade nitrile gloves.

    3. Do not do anything else while making or packing food. While performing other operations, the food-grade nitrile gloves came into contact with other items,Then return to food manufacturing and bagging, should be replaced with new food grade nitrile gloves.

    4. If you want to change money, you should take off food grade nitrile gloves. After handling without food-grade nitrile gloves, replace them before starting contact with food.

    5. Take a break with a walker or food counter and take off food-grade nitrile gloves.

    6. Use food-grade nitrile gloves to separate raw and cooked foods. The same food grade nitrile gloves should not be used on cooked and raw food.

    Cooked and semi-processed foods, including cold foods, below 100°C. Raw food is food that needs to be processed and eaten.

    We can check the details of nitrile glove manufacturer before choosing nitrile gloves.

    The above 6 details should be followed for safe use of nitrile gloves.

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