What are some of the dangers latex gloves may pose to us?
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What are some of the dangers latex gloves may pose to us?

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    As we all know, the biggest risk to latex gloves is that a few of us may be allergic, but other than that, you can be picky. Latex gloves were the first of their kind. The manufacturing process of latex gloves was good enough, but it didn't change the fact that it contained protein. That doesn't change the fact that some people are allergic to latex gloves.

    So what are the dangers of latex gloves other than allergies in a small number of people? Latex gloves have soft texture, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good puncture resistance, and good fit to the hand. I'd be hard pressed to find a fault other than allergies, and if I had to find one, I'd think I'd be too trusting and attached to latex gloves. Which may lead to some serious consequences.

    Because latex gloves are so versatile, they are used in all walks of life, even as household gloves. The more times we use, the longer the time, we believe that latex gloves are omnipotent, if it is used in corrosive work, it is recommended to replace gloves regularly, if there is a little bit of damage in the work of gloves, it is difficult to find, may cause us immeasurable results.

    Latex gloves as the main force of medical examination gloves, in the use of medical gloves, we should try our best to reduce the use of powder latex gloves, because the powder in gloves will not only cause us harm, the impact on patients is also great, whether it is active molecules in summer, winter, try to use as little as possible one-time powder latex gloves. Suddenly think of latex gloves have a difficult to find shortcomings, that is, the color of latex gloves is not as rich as nitrile gloves, the color of latex gloves is single, long-term under the fatigue state, there may be poor visual compatibility, such a result if it is in the operating room, then it will be immeasurable.

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