What are disposable gloves?
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What are disposable gloves?

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    Lifting disposable gloves should be familiar to everyone, not only can avoid cross infection, but also can greatly save the replacement cost, especially for food processing and medical industries, is a necessary item. But many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the material and use of disposable gloves. Next, we will popularize the relevant knowledge for you.

    The material of disposable gloves is professionally made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or low density polyethylene (LDPE). The surface has no obvious impurities and stains, the joint should be firm, no leakage phenomenon, tensile strength should be more than 1.0N, elongation at break should be more than 5%;

    The initial contamination bacteria of the product shall not exceed 100cfu/g, no pathogenic bacteria shall be detected, and the skin irritation reaction shall not exceed Grade I. Popularly known as polyethylene film, it refers to the film produced with PE film. PE film has moisture-proof, moisture permeability is small.

    Polyethylene film (PE) according to the different manufacturing methods and control means, can be manufactured low density, medium density, high density polyethylene and crosslinked polyethylene and other different properties of products.

    Main uses of disposable gloves:

    ●1, can be used for medical staff and escorts to care for patients and clean health.

    2, can be used in catering industry, western cake house, industrial food processing, kitchen conditioning can effectively control the disease from mouth to mouth.

    3, paint construction, moving dirty goods, cleaning, cleaning goods, etc.

    4, Household cleaning, kitchen cooking, laboratory operation, beauty salon oil coloring, nail art, personal hygiene.

    There are many kinds of disposable gloves material, here is not a introduction, disposable gloves have a wide range of use, especially for the health requirements of the relatively high industry, can be said to be an indispensable item.

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