Vinyl gloves all resolved
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Vinyl gloves all resolved

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    Characteristics of medical Vinyl gloves

    Medical Vinyl gloves are made of paste polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material. Using the glove model impregnation process, the gloves formed by high temperature curing do not contain allergens, no powder, low dust content, less ion content, and do not contain plasticizer, ester, silicone oil and other components. They have strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch, easy to wear and comfortable, with anti-static performance. Can be used in a dust-free environment. It is mainly used in hospitals for medical examination. From the development trend, medical Vinyl gloves will gradually become the leading products in the field of disposable gloves.

    Industry standard for medical Vinyl gloves

    Domestic industry standards: Medical grade Vinyl gloves belong to a class of medical device products, and their production and sales need to obtain relevant national qualifications.

    Specific management measures include "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices", "Measures on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Device Production", "Measures on the Registration and Administration of Medical Devices", "Regulations on the Daily Supervision and Administration of Medical Device Production", etc.

    Foreign access requirements: Importing countries have relatively high standards for medical grade gloves. Usually export products need to meet the access standards of the relevant countries, through the designated quality management system certification or product certification, such as ISO13485 certification, NSF certification, FDA certification, in order to be allowed to enter the target market. At the same time, international industry quality standards, product technologies and new certification programs are also being introduced and updated.

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