Things You didn't know -- Five keys to nitrile glove use
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Things You didn't know -- Five keys to nitrile glove use

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    The following is to explain the use of medical nitrile gloves:

    1.Nitrile gloves can effectively prevent organic solvent, its main advantages as high strength, high elasticity. Mainly for the hands often exposed to liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouse, alcohol cleaning, etc. Because the main function of nitrile rubber is to prevent organic solvents, but is not resistant to penetration, so in the use of extra care and caution, do not pull and strong wear, so the requirements in the wearing of nitrile gloves in the operation of the other external to wear veil gloves, to reduce the wear degree of gloves, prolong the service life.

    2. Nitrile butadiene wear gloves do some cleaning, for some products will have some sharp edges, and the sharp edge is the most easy to penetrate nitrile butadiene gloves, and once through even a small hole, also can make cleaner immersed inside the gloves, so that the whole glove is useless. Therefore, in addition to requiring careful handling during use, it is necessary to wear a finger cover over gloves.

    3.Nitrile gloves for some high corrosive thing without any resistance, so when using, be sure to look at, take a look at, whether it can be used in what fields, do not exceed the scope of application, something like some high acid and corrosion are not allowed, so we only can use the special gloves.

    4. Nitrile gloves is generally thin, elastic is bigger, so the wear especially when you need to pay attention to, must put out his fingers, and then slowly pull up, don't let the palm of your hand into the gloves, gloves must be broken, so when necessary can wipe on a bit of oil, or a little lubricant, it can reduce the wear resistance.

    5. Nitrile gloves generally have a certain life, when using, pay attention to check its life, do not look, use at will, a certain time, the gloves will have cracks, or fiber rupture, so that does not play any protective role.

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