The use of latex gloves tips.
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The use of latex gloves tips.

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    The use of latex gloves tips.

    Cooking knowledge:

    1. Pickles

    After seeing Daejang Geum, I became obsessed with kimchi and learned how to make it myself. However, I found that every time I made it with my hands, it was very unhygienic, and if I shared it with my friends, they would feel worried.

    2, gloves with garlic

    You can also use gloves when peeling garlic. Put 2 to 3 cloves of garlic in the palm of a gloved hand, and then rub back and forth, the garlic skin will peel off because of friction, very easy and simple. Even better, you don't have to worry about garlic on your hands because you're wearing gloves.

    3. Gloves open cans

    Latex gloves are known to protect your hands and reduce exposure to cleaning agents. However, you may not know that dishwashing gloves are excellent anti-slip, as long as both hands wear gloves and open the can in the normal way, it can be easily opened!

    Latex gloves, just right, that is, sanitary, and environmentally friendly, gloves can be cleaned again.

    Old gloves work well

    1, for blanket anti-slip: according to the size of the blanket, respectively cut four corners, and the blanket sew, so that even if children play on the blanket, will not worry about the blanket slip, and children hurt!

    2, can respectively cut the insole front foot and back foot size shape, and then sew on the insole, can be used for non-slip, so that you in intense exercise, insole will not be mismatched with shoes.

    3. Vase cushion: Cut the size of the cushion at the bottom of the vase and glue it with dehydration to prevent slip.

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