The necessity of wearing disposable latex gloves in the dry cleaning industry.
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The necessity of wearing disposable latex gloves in the dry cleaning industry.

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    Dry cleaning industry wear disposable latex gloves roughly means that you wash clothes wear gloves? Most Chinese are not in the habit of wearing disposable latex gloves when washing clothes. But in fact if you watch some European, American, Korean and Korean TV shows you will find that they usually wear disposable latex gloves when washing clothes and dishes why? Take laundry for example!

    Laundry often uses chemicals to dissolve stains on clothes, such as tetrachloroethylene to dissolve oily stains; Banana oil is used to remove melanin and body fat stains. Sodium hydroxide to remove mildew, sweat; Hydrogen peroxide is used in bleach cotton and satin. Sodium hypochlorite is the decontamination raw material of white cotton and linen fabrics.

    Among them, tetrachloroethylene is a reasonable chemical reagent. Hydrogen peroxide and calcium hydroxide are very corrosive. Ammonia is also a toxic substance. If workers come into contact with the compound, they often experience lightheadedness, itchy skin, skin allergies and other conditions. Chronic touch can cause a loss of coordination, memory and mental retardation. Some studies have shown that tetrachloroethylene is still a carcinogen.

    1. Arm maintenance

    The selection of rubber gloves should have a certain acid resistance, and should maintain the coordination ability of the hand. Industrial grade vulcanized rubber or disposable latex gloves are excellent choices.

    2. Suction maintenance

    When working, choose suitable gas surface gear or gas mask, and should be in natural ventilation working environment.

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