The importance of isolation and protection in meat processing
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The importance of isolation and protection in meat processing

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    There are two basic links in meat processing: formula and technology, which are complementary in nature. The basic control of the production process is often ignored by many manufacturers, which often leads to a variety of problems. Temperature is a main line through process control, temperature control will directly affect the structure, flavor, taste, shelf life and yield of products.


    Therefore, the temperature must be controlled as follows:

    The raw material is kept at 0-4 degrees; Raw material cut after the temperature is maintained at 10-12 degrees; The raw material after rolling is less than 10 degrees; The temperature of mixing meat is less than or equal to 12 degrees; Fresh storage room 0-4 degrees; Machining workshop less than or equal to 15 degrees; Finished product warehouse 0 - degree; Flash freezer? - Below 18 degrees.

    And all process in the process, the temperature is a hotbed of bacteria breeding, artificial hand in direct contact with food, hand the remaining bacteria and food cross infection, so the artificial hand disposable gloves are needed to isolate bacteria cross infection, it is recommended to use food grade nitrile gloves, food-grade gloves will be through the national certification body detection, In line with the national standard GB-4806.11-2016, can contact with food without cross infection.

    Food safety issues should not be ignored. Nowadays, the situation of the epidemic is severe, and the safety problems caused by bacteria and bacteria should not be underestimated. Protection should start from a small level, and do not ignore any details that may cause harm.

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