The importance of anti-cutting gloves.
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The importance of anti-cutting gloves.

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    To put it bluntly, it has the actual effect of anti-cutting. Anti-cutting gloves are a kind of gloves that are difficult to cut and have the effect of maintenance. Anti-cutting gloves have strong anti-cutting properties and wear resistance, which make them into high-quality arm labor protection products; The service life of a pair of anti-cutting gloves is equal to 500 pairs of general thread gloves, which is called "when one hundred". It can be widely used in meat cutting, glass processing, laser cutting processing of metal materials, petrochemical equipment, disaster relief, fire rescue and other manufacturing industries.

    Need for cut-proof gloves:

    Wear anti-cutting gloves, can grasp the blade of short knife, bayonet and other artifacts, even if the CNC blade pulled out from the hand will not cut the glove, let alone hurt the arm. A small pair of anti-cutting gloves are essential weapons and equipment for public security organs, armed police forces, security personnel and other manufacturing industry staff to protect their lives and strive for progress. In today's society, taxi driver is also one of the high-risk occupations, once hit by gangsters robbery there is the possibility of car death. The configuration of anti-cut gloves enables the driver friend to have the confidence to subdue the gangster in an emergency situation. Unexpectedly, the unarmed sword can not only protect themselves, but also subdue the gangster.

    Cleaning and storage of anti-cutting gloves:

    1. Clean gloves with soapy liquid (50℃) or boiling water mixed with cleaning liquid (50℃) at least once a day.

    2. Store washed gloves in a cool place.

    3. Do not clean the stainless steel wire gloves by tapping hard blocks.

    4. Prevent sharp objects from touching the surface of gloves.

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