The elasticity of latex gloves why very good?
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The elasticity of latex gloves why very good?

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    Natural latex is a kind of crystalline rubber material,the ingredients generally range from 100, 000 to 1.8 million, the molecular structure of this kind of molecular formula arranged in a flexible network disk straight chain or carbon bond, continuous rotation and vibration, so that the molecular formula chain was coiled, latex has incomparable elasticity.


    In other words, different latex gloves have different characteristics. The elastic strength of latex can reach 70~80% in the range of 0~100℃, and the elastic tensile strength of high-quality latex can reach 1000%. When the expansion joint is in the range of 350%, its resilience rate can reach 85%, that is, the consistent deformation is below 15%.


    In ancient Chinese history, rubber gloves, which were gradually made in the past, would become loose or sticky in the process of heating or exposure to the sun. During that period of time, the industrial practical value of latex gloves like gold has been swallowed up. In 1839, foreigners added sublimated sulfur and lead bismuth nitrate to latex, which not only solved the above difficulties, but also made it maintain good elasticity.


    Since then, natural latex was used on a large scale, in 1889, the first latex gloves came out, so that we have good elasticity, soft and comfortable, silky skin latex gloves.


    Gloves are good, but to ensure that latex gloves give good safety features, please store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated environment, avoid high temperature, direct sunlight, or fluorescent lamp and X-ray exposure.

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