The birth of the medical glove
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The birth of the medical glove

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    In 1889, William Halsted from New York founded Johns Hopkins Hospital with three other famous men, and hired a New York nurse, just a year out of school, to serve as the head nurse in the operating room -- Caroline Hampton, 28.

    In the same year winter, Caroline told Halsted, their hands and arms of mercuric chloride disinfectant allergy, cause skin inflammation, stem not bottom go to. Halstead did not want to lose such a capable nurse, so he told Caroline that he would find a way.

    Back in New York, Halstead had the Goodyear Rubber Company make two pairs of rubber gloves and gave them to Caroline. The gloves helped Halstead win Caroline's heart, and the couple married in June. Returning to Baltimore from his honeymoon, Halstead discovered during an operation that one of his assistants was also wearing the gloves.

    In 1896, Dr. Joseph Bloodgood was the first to wear gloves during surgery. Joseph Bloodgood published an article in 1899, 450 cases of hernia surgery, because wear gloves, infection rates dropped by almost 100%.

    After that,wearing gloves became routine in surgery, and has gradually become the standard of medical staff.


Guardians of health

    Injection, dressing change, measurement, recording......

    Nurses as the first line of the medical workers, not only a long way to go, but also to face the risk of infection.

    The first line of defense for nurses' safety is medical rubber gloves.


Medical rubber gloves feature:

    Medical rubber gloves help isolate microorganisms and prevent direct contact between the skin and saliva, blood, and mucous membranes,not only can protect the medical personnel to prevent infection of blood-borne pathogens.Can reduce more between patients and medical staff, patients and patients with cross infection.

Primary standards for wearing medical gloves:

    Provide effective insulation performance, isolation blood-borne pathogens and harmful substances.

Research shows that:

●To prevent the spread of the virus, the barrier performance of gloves, latex gloves is better than vinyl gloves.

Under the condition of using the failure rate of ethylene is more significant.

According to the choice of medical gloves gloves standard -- the protective insulation performance, rubber gloves, especially natural latex gloves should be preferred.

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