Solve the summer latex gloves off, difficult to wear problems
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Solve the summer latex gloves off, difficult to wear problems

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    Latex gloves are made of natural latex with other fine additives, and gloves powder, coating or chlorination are used in the production process to increase lubrication and improve the comfort of wearing gloves. The existing latex gloves are usually long and cylindrical, with the palm and the arm connected with the palm. In order to make the gloves are not easy to fall off when working, the binding part formed at the connection of the palm and the arm to prevent the hand from slipping out of the palm, and the binding part is narrower than the adjacent palm and arm. But they also make it harder to get the hand into the palm, especially in the hot summer, when putting on and taking off latex gloves is more difficult.


    Next, I will share with you some tips to solve the problem of latex gloves, difficult to wear.

    First, pay attention to the preservation of latex gloves. In daily use, latex gloves tend to be sticky due to improper storage

    Secondly, to ensure dry hands before wearing gloves, you can also smear a little prickly heat powder or talcum powder on hands, to reduce the friction between the skin and gloves, easy to wear.

    In addition, for the constitution easy to sweat and often need to wear latex gloves, it is recommended to wear a pair of light cotton gloves before wearing latex gloves. Cotton gloves wear inside latex gloves, can absorb sweat, and convenient latex gloves wear, take off.

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