Six Precautions for Using ESD gloves!!
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Six Precautions for Using ESD gloves!!

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    Six Precautions for Using ESD gloves!

    Antistatic gloves are made of antistatic materials and are usually made of conductive fibers. Today, I would like to share with you six precautions when using antistatic gloves, as follows:

    1. There are many varieties of anti-static gloves, so we should choose anti-static gloves according to their clear protection objects.

    2. Check carefully before using ESD gloves to see if the surface is damaged.

    3. Rubber, plastic and other anti-static gloves should be washed and dried after use, avoid high temperature when stored, and sprinkle talcum powder on the products to prevent adhesion.

    4. Insulation anti-static gloves should be regularly tested electrical insulation performance, do not meet the requirements of the use.

    5. When anti-static gloves contact strong oxidizing acid such as nitric acid, the strong oxidation will cause the anti-static gloves to be brittle and discolored.

    6. Latex antistatic gloves are only suitable for weak acid, low concentration of sulfuric acid and a variety of salts, do not contact strong oxidizing acid.

    Qualified anti-static gloves, such as AClean anti-static Ding clear gloves, can prevent the fingers of the staff from directly touching the electrostatic sensitive components, and can effectively discharge the static electricity of the operator's body, to prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity.

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