Selection Criteria for Disposable Medical Gloves?
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Selection Criteria for Disposable Medical Gloves?

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    With so many types of medical gloves, how do you choose? Today's simple understanding:

    First master the classification of medical gloves

    Medical gloves are divided into two categories: medical examination gloves and medical general gloves. In addition to the technical professional designated medical institutions for surgery, most of the daily use of "medical examination gloves", the appearance of the glove is short (length just over the wrist), left and right hand versatility, not independent packaging. The box is marked "Medical Examination gloves".

    Disposable medical gloves displayed

    According to the material classification: Vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves, natural latex gloves. Gloves made of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Consider which one is suitable for you.

    1. Skin allergy advice: if you are allergic to latex, or allergic constitution, then the first to remove natural latex gloves; Vinyl and nitrile because with different ingredients of the modifier, wear skin is not easy to allergic; The main manifestations and levels of skin allergy need to see my physical quality difference.

    2. Poor air permeability Advice: If you must wear disposable gloves for a long time, it is suggested to consider the breathability and comfort. Vinyl breathable performance is weak, hands are very easy to stuffy sweat, a long time is very easy to blister fingers, molt. Poor air permeability ranking: Vinyl gloves (poor air permeability) > nitrile gloves > natural latex gloves.

    3. Insufficient ductility: good ductility, plasticity, to meet the arm, stretch back to elastic deformation...... If you want to wear a variety of practical tools comfortably and easily, you must take into account the malleability, thickness, and adhesion of gloves (visualized experience is that they are very easy to carry, take off, and don't slip off until they are sticky in your hand).

    Natural latex gloves have the best elasticity; Nitrile has moderate ductility and can remember hand shape. Hardware factory application, watch mobile phone maintenance computer of this kind, it is not recommended to choose "natural latex gloves", because natural latex gloves are not anti-static, will harm the high precision operation of instruments. Winter is not recommended to choose natural latex gloves, not anti-static. Some nitrile gloves also have anti-static properties.

    The practical operation of practical tools, must be flexible and convenient to grab items, must touch screen actual operation of the machine equipment, Vinyl is not recommended; More highly recommended to meet the degree of good plasticity of natural latex gloves and nitrile gloves.

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