Protective gloves are the proper way to deal with these situations.
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Protective gloves are the proper way to deal with these situations.

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    At present, we use a variety of safety protective gloves style, style is also multifarious, so in the process of use, it is likely to encounter some safety protective gloves, such as yellow, hard, swollen hands and other conditions, if encountered this situation, is it should be used again? Please don't panic here friends! Today Xiaobian for you to explain one by one!

    1. Hands swell after taking off natural latex gloves

    Natural latex gloves are made of natural latex, natural latex is rich in protein, if the skin is allergic to friends, generally wear gloves within ten minutes, hands will occur swelling, itching, more serious words are likely to continue throughout the body, breathing problems.

    Make sure you are not allergic to natural latex gloves before applying them. If you are not careful to wear the skin allergy, be sure to quickly take off gloves, and continue to wash hands with salt water disinfection, more serious, as soon as possible to a large hospital.

     If the work requirements must wear gloves, it can be changed to nitrile rubber gloves, which have no protein, hydroxyl chemicals and other harmful substances, very little cause allergic symptoms, and also has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other safety protection characteristics.

    2, rubber gloves sticky, hard, etc

    Rubber gloves are generally made of natural rubber by vulcanized rubber. In the whole process of application, aging is inevitable. Hardening and stickiness are all the reasons of rubber aging.

    If aging can't be prevented, we can find ways to prolong the life of gloves by placing them in a cool place out of the sun to protect them from UV light, reactive oxygen species, strong acids and alkalis.

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