Protective gloves Preferred: nitrile inspection gloves
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Protective gloves Preferred: nitrile inspection gloves

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Advantages and disadvantages of nitrile and latex gloves

1.Nitrile gloves

Material: NBR, nitrile gloves A form of rubber, mainly composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene

Advantages: No skin allergy, biodegradable, can be added to the color paste, the color is gorgeous

Defects: poor ductility, the price is higher than natural latex commodities, the actual effect of solvent resistance and corrosion resistance of nitrile rubber material is much better than natural latex, so it is much more expensive, generally used for medical treatment.

2.Latex gloves

Material: Natural latex

Advantages: Malleable and biodegradable

Defect: Some population sensitization

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