Influence of mold surface roughness on latex glove making.
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Influence of mold surface roughness on latex glove making.

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    As the coronavirus has spread around the world, the demand for protective equipment has skyrocketed, especially masks and natural latex gloves. As one of the key protective measures, medical natural latex gloves can play a very good role in safety protection and isolation, so that people avoid unnecessary harm.

    However, for the production of natural latex gloves, it is important to find a rapid, efficient and wireless network way to measure the surface roughness of the glove forming mold, so as to ensure the promotion of manufacturing and re-expansion of production capacity to meet the requirements of continuous growth.


    Because in the production stage of natural latex gloves, the surface roughness of glove forming mold is very important to the production of gloves themselves.     The surface roughness determines the thickness of the finished set. If the surface is too smooth, the natural latex liquid will be discharged from the surface when it is set, resulting in the thickness of the gloves being too thin and the loss of safety protection and isolation. What's more, the roughness of the surface will cause a lot of natural latex to accumulate and leave on the forming mold, resulting in too thick gloves, not conducive to the actual operation of the arm.

    The surface roughness measuring instrument provides the ultimate solution for the manufacture of natural latex gloves, not only because of its ease of application and efficient practical operation, but also because it allows measurements to be carried out without stationary overalls or support frames for instrumentation. The instrument can be immediately placed on the glove forming mold for measurement according to the wireless Bluetooth connection driving module and indicating module. This kind of rapid and efficient measurement method meets the requirements of current and future development trends.


    The use of durable, rapid and reliable portable surface roughness measuring instrument is conducive to the rapid, easy and accurate field measurement in all natural environments and surfaces. It is the best choice for production workshops, industrial production and inspection rooms.

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