How to tell the difference between good and bad latex gloves?
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How to tell the difference between good and bad latex gloves?

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    There are a wide variety of disposable latex gloves on the market, and many small partners do not know how to choose high-quality disposable latex gloves when they buy them. This leads to a lot of small partners in the purchase of gloves will think that the higher the price, the better quality.

    In fact, this is not the case. The quality of disposable latex gloves can be distinguished from the feel, color and raw materials of gloves.

Next Xiaobian to GUSIIE grid latex gloves as a template for everyone to introduce:

    1, Good quality latex gloves are made of natural latex as raw materials, feel very comfortable, and poor quality feel will be very hard.

    2, The overall color of good latex gloves is very uniform. Dark or light colors will not appear in different parts of the gloves, destroying the overall color sense of the gloves.

    3, Good quality latex gloves are produced according to scientific ingredients, no air leakage, elongated can be timely return, and inferior latex gloves due to low rubber content, elongated white and can not be timely return, when the air leakage signs.

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