How to tell real latex gloves from fake ones.
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How to tell real latex gloves from fake ones.

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    Bad latex gloves can not only cost you more, they can also affect your health. Here's how to quickly and easily tell the difference between real and fake latex gloves.

    First look feel: Real latex gloves made of natural rubber as the main raw material, feel soft and smooth. Winter is not hard, inferior products are hard and not soft.

Second look at the appearance of gloves: high-quality latex gloves have a bright and smooth appearance, while counterfeit products have a rough and dull appearance.

    Third look at the raw material collocation: real latex gloves are produced according to scientific ingredients, there will be no air leakage, and can be restored in time after stretching, and inferior latex gloves can not be restored in time when stretching, and there will be air leakage, the reason is that inferior latex gloves contain low glue.

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