How to properly apply protective gloves?
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How to properly apply protective gloves?

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    Protective gloves are chosen. Is that the end of it? Nature is not!

    Before application:

    (1) Inspection: To check the gloves for holes or damage. Areas of erosion, especially between the fingers; The gloves can be inflated to 1.2 ~1.5 times the original size according to the pumping method, and then infiltrated into the water to check whether there is air leakage.

    (2) Cleaning: hands should be cleaned before wearing gloves to avoid the growth of germs in the natural environment of temperature and humidity after wearing gloves, causing allergic dermatitis.

    (3) Maintenance: If there is a wound in the hand, the wound should be healed or covered before wearing gloves to avoid germs and chemicals into the body, causing secondary injury.

    In application:

    ×Remember not to abuse, choose appropriate protective gloves to ensure reasonable protection.

    ×During the whole process of applying gloves, be careful not to contaminate the skin and clothes with harmful substances to avoid secondary pollution.

    ×Do not share gloves to avoid mutual contamination.

    After application:

    (1) Hazardous waste treatment: Gloves infected with hazardous materials should be treated as organic chemical solid waste, and protective gloves including microbial pollutants should be treated as microbial harmful substances, which can not be thrown away at will;

    (2) Take care of your arms: don't ignore red spots or itching. Atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases, if the hand occurs dry. Pruritus, bubble, etc., please consult a doctor immediately;

    (3) Arm protection: After removing gloves, wash hands and apply some moisturizer to fill in the natural protective vegetable oil to avoid arm dryness.

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