How to distinguish fully biodegradable disposable gloves?
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How to distinguish fully biodegradable disposable gloves?

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    Today to introduce to you, how to identify the full biodegradable disposable gloves.

    When we buy disposable gloves with full degradation, we can identify them from the following aspects:

    1. Look at the name

    First of all, we need to look for the product name on the top of the packaging box, which is generally full biodegradable disposable gloves, full biodegradable disposable gloves, degradable disposable gloves. English name is commonly 100% All biodegradable the disposable gloves.

    If the product name is not marked on the obvious part, it may not be biodegradable disposable gloves.

    2, Look at the ingredients

    We can look for the glove material on the top of the box. Fully biodegradable gloves are usually made of polylactic acid (PLA) and adipic acid (PBAT), partly with cornmeal for a softer texture.

    3, See material

    In order to better standard the whole biodegradable commodities, the country uniformly published the degradation label.

    The logo is an emerald green smiley face pattern consisting of circular system circle with arrow symbol, double "J" (degradation pinyin alphabet), material abbreviation (such as PBAT, PLA, etc.), and six names of degraded natural environment (optional). Its significance is according to the application of degradable plastic, finally complete the corresponding standard, complete degradation without environmental pollution.

    "J J" anthropomorphic, the selection of small left and large right structure reasonable layout, shows the small and large, everyone to protect the environment design idea.

    4, Touch

    Disposable plastic gloves, feel will be more hard, no color all transparent. Full degradation disposable gloves, is transparent milky white, touch will feel relatively soft, some like silk.

    5, Smell

    Disposable plastic gloves are colorless and odorless.

    Take the gloves off, put them in your nose, and smell them. There will be a slight grain aroma, some people think it's toffee aroma, but you can actually feel it yourself.

    This is the end of the full biodegradable disposable gloves, everyone can pay more attention to the observation, to prevent the use of fake degradable disposable gloves.

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