How to choose disposable gloves?
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How to choose disposable gloves?

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    Medical latex gloves on the market market mixed, quality is uneven, should choose the formal medical gloves manufacturers provided gloves, avoid unnecessary risks, qualified medical latex gloves should be complete certificate, clear identification, packaging printed behind the certificate name, record number, product technical requirements number, production date and shelf life and production lot number and other information.

    In addition to the choice of medical latex gloves type, medical latex gloves are usually divided into examination gloves and surgical gloves according to the use of different occasions. Both kinds of gloves are to be sterilized. Medical examination gloves are generally used to check the oral cavity or skin surface of patients.

    They have excellent tensile force, strong anti-wear ability, and can adapt to various weak acid and alkali environment inside human skin. Surgical gloves, on the other hand, require a higher level of safety and are longer and thicker.

    The difference between powdered and non-powdered disposable medical latex gloves: non-powdered gloves use advanced polymer coating technology, feel soft, comfortable to wear. Because the medical and electronic industries need a dust-free environment, it is safer to use powdered medical latex gloves in these industries. Powder gloves add powder because ordinary gloves are slippery, long time use will stick together, so in the production process, manufacturers will add corn powder or medical starch in the gloves, on the one hand is to prevent glove adhesion, on the other hand is to facilitate wearing, powder gloves are generally used in the food industry more.

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