How to care for nitrile gloves?
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How to care for nitrile gloves?

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    Nitrile rubber gloves maintenance precautions:

    1. Nitrile rubber gloves can reasonably prevent organic solvents, and their key advantages are high toughness and high elasticity. The key is to give the arm frequently touch liquid chemicals, such as chemicals, ethanol cleaning, etc. Because the key role of nitrile rubber is to avoid organic solvents, but not puncture resistance, so in the application must be especially cautious, do not involve and super strong damage, so the regulations in wearing nitrile rubber gloves in the actual operation of the outside have to wear veil gloves, in order to reduce the damage of nitrile rubber gloves, increase the service life.

    2, in wearing nitrile rubber gloves to carry out some cleaning work, because there are some commodities will appear some sharp edges, and this sharp edge is the most easy to penetrate nitrile rubber gloves, and once penetrated even a small round hole, it is enough to let the cleaning agent into the glove, and then make a whole glove is of no value. Therefore, in addition to the requirement to be careful in the application of the actual operation, it is necessary to wear gloves in addition to gloves

    Common problems are as follows:

    1, the application of clean packaging bags or plastic bucket sealed packaging, to avoid fine particulate matter environmental pollution and extrusion damage;

    2, sealing after placed in a natural ventilated dry place, prevent direct sunlight, reduce the yellow condition;

    3, distribution as soon as possible to solve, such as sent to clean the reconstruction or damage away.

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