How to buy Ding Eye gloves?
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How to buy Ding Eye gloves?

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    Ding Eye gloves because of its excellent cleanliness, light quality, durable, good adhesion and other advantages, has become most of the precision industry production and use of essential supplies

    Among all types of work-related accidents, the hands suffered the highest proportion of injuries. To avoid hand injuries, use protective gloves

    How to choose Mittens:

    1. Appearance:

    Good quality Ding eye gloves generally have no surface stains, no black spots, no holes, no yellowing, soft feel, comfortable wearing will not cause hand allergy. On the contrary, the poor quality of Ding eye gloves often appear stains or black spots, hands after sweating often appear yellow phenomenon, and can cause hand allergy, causing inconvenience to the staff

    2. Micro aspect:

    Because gloves most of the time are in direct contact with the product, so the quality requirements are very strict. Butyl eye gloves should meet the specific requirements of the relevant industry for glove performance. For example, the tested gloves should meet certain standards for LPC, NVR, particle content and resistivity.

    Different industry standards have different requirements for cleanness. For example, for magnetic head industry, dust particles greater than or equal to 0.5um cannot exceed 3000counts per square centimeter (@0.5um<=3000counts/cm^2). Computer hard disk industry, the general provisions of NVR<20ug/cm^2. In the FTIR(Fourier infrared spectroscopy) test, the glove is required to be free of silicone oil, amino compounds, DOP and other substances. For ESD performance testing, the surface resistivity of gloves in the LCD and touch screen industries must be between 105 and 1011Q. Therefore, some relevant parameters should be tested before selecting insulation gloves.

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