How to avoid breakage of medical gloves?
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How to avoid breakage of medical gloves?

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    Medical gloves can effectively isolate medical contamination and prevent cross infection. Now it has become a must-have item in hospitals. In clinical practice, especially in surgery where there is a risk of infection, medical personnel are most concerned about damage or perforation of medical gloves, which is precisely the most common problem during surgery, especially in plastic surgery. Medical gloves can be broken or punctured by a number of factors, such as equipment damage, bone tissue punctures and breakage due to reduced strength of the gloves. Major damage is easy to spot, and if it's just holes and a few small gaps, you can see the glove directly.


    Therefore, the durability of medical gloves needs to be tested in advance. When encountering sharp objects in use, it is easy to cause perforation damage. To prevent this danger, many medical workers choose to wear a pair of safe medical gloves in case of breakage. According to statistics, the perforation rate of inner gloves is less than 10% of that of single layer gloves. Wearing double-layer medical gloves greatly reduces the flexibility and touch sensitivity of fingers. The effect is not only bad, but also affects the accuracy of the operation to some extent, and the risk of the operation is also increased. A good approach is to strictly monitor the quality of medical gloves before use to ensure that the piercing force can achieve a certain level of strength, reduce the incidence of piercings and damage, and reduce the risk of cross infection.

    In addition to ensuring the good quality of medical gloves, medical personnel should replace medical gloves in time according to the actual use situation. A statistical study of the damage of medical gloves used by medical personnel found that the damage rate of medical gloves increased significantly after continuous use for 4 hours, so it is necessary to change gloves regularly.

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