How should latex gloves be used in life?
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How should latex gloves be used in life?

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    Latex gloves are a kind of gloves, which are different from ordinary gloves and are made of natural latex. Can be used as home, industrial production, diagnosis and treatment, beauty and skin care applications, is an essential arm safety protection products.


    Latex gloves have anti-sweat, moisture-proof immersion, wear resistance, puncture resistance; Resistant to strong acid and alkali, vegetable oil, gasoline and a variety of organic solvents, etc. It has universal anti - chemical properties and excellent anti - oil effect. Latex gloves feature distinctive fingertip grain design scheme, greatly improve the grasp of material resources, reasonable prevention of deviation; No patent design scheme for palm print, well-proportioned rubber, improve protection force and comfort.


    Selection of natural latex, with different meticulous modification agent production and processing of latex gloves, products through a unique surface treatment, wearing comfortable, in industrial and agricultural production, diagnosis and treatment, daily life has a universal use.

    Latex gloves are suitable for rechargeable battery processing manufacturing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, airport installation, FRP anticorrosion field, natural environment cleaning and removal, aerospace industry, etc.

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