How many tests and inspections should nitrile gloves undergo?
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How many tests and inspections should nitrile gloves undergo?

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    Various occasions, we can see the figure of nitrile gloves, can be said to be a "small expert in protection". So, how to ensure the quality of nitrile gloves? Let's take a look at the nitrile gloves that were tested and inspected before they came into our hands.

    Do you know how many "hoops" a little glove has to jump through before it reaches you?

    Today gusiie takes a look inside the gusiie factory to see what tests the gloves go through.

    1. Inspection of raw materials

    In order to control product quality from the source, we will first test the solid content and PH value of raw materials.

    2. Inspection of technological parameters in the production process

    Detection of cleaning solution concentration of hand mold, so that the concentration of cleaning solution can be maintained, so that the hand mold is in an effective cleaning state.

    3. Physical performance parameter test

    The finished gloves are randomly selected and weighed to control the quality of the products and meet everyone's requirements. Then test the thickness, tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation of gloves, in the continuous testing, so that the physical parameters of the product meet the national inspection standards. The production of good gloves also need to go through the water pinhole test, and identify the products with pinholes, so that we can timely adjust the process control process, and ensure that the products meet the national standards.

    For medical grade gloves, residual powder levels are also tested to ensure that health care workers wear healthy and comfortable gloves.

    4. Use of automation equipment

    We will also use gas detection automatic pinhole detection equipment instead of water lifting test, increase the pinhole inspection accuracy, layer by layer screening to select high-quality gloves.

    Of course, after layers of examination of the "gloves" and a lot of "identity" :

   IS090001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO13485 certificate;

   MDSAP medical device single audit procedure certification;

   In the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Russia registered medical devices, and hold relevant certificates and test reports;

   Conducted US, EU and domestic food exposure tests and held compliance reports;

   Eu PPE Certification, holding B certificate, MOUDULEC2 certificate and reports, etc.

   However, there are many nitrile glove products on the market. When buying products, be sure to pay attention to the choice of brand!

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