How is the puncture resistance of latex gloves?
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How is the puncture resistance of latex gloves?

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    Latex gloves are prone to damage in the whole process of application. In order to better increase the service life and reduce the damage rate, latex gloves should have excellent puncture resistance, tensile performance, resilience, aging resistance and other physical mechanical equipment properties. In order to enhance its ability to withstand the damage effect such as tensile force, tearing force and puncture force caused by the elements of touch objects and natural environment.The above performance is related to the thickness of latex gloves, materials, production processes and other reasons.



    Different types of latex gloves have different puncture resistance performance. Excellent puncture resistance is beneficial to increase the service life of latex gloves.


    The puncture compressive strength of a latex glove was tested with equipment performance tester. The whole process of the experiment was simple, the machine and equipment intelligent system level was high, and it was convenient for practical operation. The test results were reliable, which could actually reflect the puncture resistance of the test sample. It can test the tensile properties and tear properties of latex gloves.

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