How do you handle food to protect your hands?
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How do you handle food to protect your hands?

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    Safety protective gloves in our daily work in daily life is very common, like construction, filling stations, various processing plants, are wearing corresponding safety protective gloves, to protect their hands from damage. In addition, in many special industries, people must also wear safety gloves to protect themselves. For example, the food industry.


    In the whole process of daily food processing, the hand is prone to external damage, or scratches, or punctures, a variety of emergency situations often occur, then how to maintain everyone's fresh hands? The answer is: wear safety gloves.

So how to choose the appropriate suitable food processing safety protective gloves? Here is an introduction:


    Two of the most common gloves in the food processing industry

    1. Natural latex gloves

    Natural latex gloves are very popular in the food processing industry, on the one hand, because it has a good ground anti-slip grip, on the other hand, it is also very malleable, wearing good touch, reduce fatigue in the work, especially suitable for doing some fine management of food processing solutions.

    2. Nitrile gloves

    Nitrile gloves are common and indispensable in food processing industry. Thin, easy to feel and resistant to acid and alkali, these nitrile gloves come in a variety of shades to ensure excellent identification. For example, dark blue nitrile can reduce worker error rates in most food processing conditions.

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