How do we choose between nitrile and latex gloves?
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How do we choose between nitrile and latex gloves?

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    Advantages and disadvantages of nitrile and latex gloves

    Nitrile gloves:

    Material: NBR, Nitrile gloves A synthetic rubber composed mainly of acrylonitrile and butadiene

    Advantages: no allergy, degradable, pigment can be added, the color is brighter

    Disadvantages: Not as elastic as latex gloves

    Latex gloves:

    Material: Natural Latex (NR)

    Advantages: Good elasticity, degradable

    Disadvantages: Some people allergic reaction, single color

    Recommended gloves by industry:

    Hygiene: Cleaners need to wear gloves to protect themselves from chemicals in cleaning products and to protect themselves from pathogens when cleaning bathrooms. Nitrile gloves are often used by sanitation workers because of their ability to combat harmful chemicals.

    Maintenance workers: Maintenance workers are exposed to grease, oil and other solvents when repairing equipment and transportation used in production, and their hands need to be protected.

    Printing workers: Printing plants use chemicals to print labels and other printed matter, these chemicals often include emulsions, inks, oxidants and various solvents. Disposable gloves can prevent chemicals from harming workers' health, such as nervous system damage caused by infiltration into the skin.

    Food industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear for a long time and have a variety of color choices, making them ideal for food processing and food and beverage service industries.

    Hair industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable and suitable for long-term wear, and are also an ideal choice for the hair industry to avoid chemical irritation and damage to the skin. Suitable for many industries such as these, disposable nitrile gloves are suitable for many industries and are your ideal choice.

    Medical industry: nitrile gloves, latex gloves can be both.

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