Gloves are the hands that protect us from labor
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Gloves are the hands that protect us from labor

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    Disposable use of thin film gloves is mainly because of air tightness, easy to make the skin itchy uncomfortable, may also cause rash. But most people don't wear plastic gloves for long. Of course, for people with chapped hands, plastic gloves have some healing benefits due to their moisturizing properties.

    There are a variety of protective gloves, in addition to chemical resistance, there are also anti-cutting, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold, heat radiation, fire retardant and other functions, it needs to be noted that the general anti-acid and alkali gloves and anti-chemical protective gloves are not equal, because many chemicals have different penetrability relative to glove materials. Therefore, when necessary, protective gloves should be selected to prevent the infiltration of various chemicals.

    Gloves made of nitrile are highly protective and safe. More thoughtful protection for users; Nitrile gloves are better than latex gloves in tear resistance, puncture resistance, wear resistance, basic anti-chemical performance, grease protection performance, and wearing nitrile gloves will not be allergic.

    Compared with latex gloves, nitrile gloves are more resistant to chemicals and have better physical properties.

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