Glove selection for the electronics industry
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Glove selection for the electronics industry

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    Because of the particularity of the electronic industry, and the diversity of the electronic industry production field. Therefore, you need to choose gloves according to the characteristics of the job. There are several types of gloves used in the electronic industry.

    Disposable vinyl gloves are the most commonly used in the electronics industry. The main material of vinyl gloves is polyvinyl chloride, which is allergen free and will not cause skin irritation. Gloves are lightweight, flexible and tactile, and easy to wear. Disposable vinyl gloves also have anti-static properties, low dust emission, and can be used in dust-free environments.

    Disposable nitrile gloves

    The main material of disposable nitrile gloves is synthetic rubber. It has the characteristics of weak acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and tear resistance. Nitrile gloves do not contain allergens and will not cause hand allergies. Low ion content, small particle content, can be used in clean room environment.

    Disposable latex gloves

    Disposable latex gloves are processed from natural latex. It has wear resistance and puncture resistance. It also has the characteristics of good resistance to grease, oil and a variety of solvents. Rubber gloves are soft and have the best fit, so disposable latex gloves are used in the electronics industry for delicate electricity-free operations.

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